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Face treatment
with devices


This is an advanced procedure of aesthetic medicine, which realizes the elimination of the epidermal outer layer by eliminating all dead skin cells and stimulating blood circulation, nourishment and oxygenation of the skin, as well as increasing the elasticity of the latter. Microdermabrasion is a safe, non-invasive procedure and treats all sun-damaged skin, problem skin as well as skin color irregularities, external marks, acne scars, wrinkles and other skin problems. Appearing on the skin of the face, neck, chest or other areas. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective procedure for all skin types and restores the skin a more youthful, radiant appearance. A procedure that can be performed in any season of the year.

Hidrafacial Fx

Hidrafacial is the combination of Hydropeeling with sequential acids, microdermabrasion, and transdermal distribution of cosmetic products. A highly efficient system that raises the standard of any acne treatment and raises the action of active principles to a higher degree. This powerful combination brings many benefits to facial skin. Hydrafacial Fx has proven effective in procedures such as: deep cleansing of the face, removal of dead cells, rebalancing of sebaceous glands, hydration of the skin, restructuring of tissues. Moreover, thanks to the scaly diamond particle performs microdermabrasion procedures, acting even on thicker skin, deep wrinkles or other superficial marks.

HiFu Fillup Technology

Thanks to which non-surgical facelift is achieved, treats mimic wrinkles, regenerates the skin, eliminates the gills, and recreates the contours of the face.
It is a new system with concentrated ultrasound and high intensity, without pain and without surgical procedures, which gives the face a lifting effect without damaging the skin. With the Fillup Technology device, the ultrasound energy is concentrated in different points of the skin. When identifying the extent to which it should be treated, the appropriate option is selected to achieve the best aesthetic result. Precise control of Fillup Technology functions enables the personalization of the treatment that aims to rejuvenate your skin, through the strengthening of skin tissues. The 1.5 mm device relieves wrinkles by activating the surface collagen of the skin. The 3 mm device achieves facial lifting and skin regeneration through the production of collagen and elastin in the deep dermis. The 4.5mm device reaches up to the muscle level for a deeper effect especially in advanced ages.

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive methodology, which reactivates the skin eco-system. For living tissue, it is a healing energy, which effectively counteracts the signs of aging, rejuvenating tissues, increasing facial oxygenation, shortening fibers, in order to recreate skin tension and even doubling the production of new collagen by fibroblasts as well as adds elastin and hyaluronic acid naturally.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Laser skin rejuvenation is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a laser to improve the appearance of the skin, sun-damaged skin, scars caused by acne, chickenpox or injuries or treat minor facial flaws. This treatment also decreases the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Laser resurfacing can also treat loss of skin tone and improve your complexion if you have scars or sun damage. It can be done with two types of lasers: an ablative laser, removes thin layers of skin and a non-ablative laser, stimulates collagen growth and tightens underlying skin. It is important to point that this treatment cannot eliminate excessive or sagging skin.