Creams – Velvet


BM Glycolic
The complete line of creams containing glycolic acid for skin regeneration, with free radicals for antioxidant effect and with Ubiquinon for a prolonged effect over time. Thanks to our laboratories, skin regeneration and protection against environmental aggressors has been achieved. For a skin with minimized pores, elimination of mimic wrinkles, improving its quality and uniformity, the BM Glycolic line brings the product suitable for all skin types.

Dermakleb Anti-wrinkle
This cream regenerates, protects and prevents. Dermakleb is the exclusive line owned by Jean Klebert. Exfoliating and regenerating effect on it of mandalic and glycolic acid which act directly on the corneal layer of the skin. The perfect choice for preventing skin aging and improving its damage. Combination of vitamin C and E with Phytic acid improves the protective function of the skin by regenerating it internally.

Deep action against cellulite inesthetism. Dermakleb body has a wide range of products with active principles in high concentrations to transform cellulite into tonicity thanks to a completely natural recovery. Nigari salt favors the natural recovery of cellulite layers . The line contains alkaloids extracted from papaya, to increase toning and for a noticeable change of the treated area. Line to oppose the formation of “orange peel”, sagging skin and stretch marks.

Perfection of Centro Messegue
Small gestures of daily life in the most natural way for all naturalists. Natural plant extracts are the main ingredients to maintain the beauty and well-being of your skin. Active ingredients derived from nature in the form of unique elixirs for a healthy look, radiant and vital for all skin types. Soft and silky texture for 24 hours, to alleviate and prevent the signs of age.
Perfection- Natural products that suit the requirements of each person. Formulated to be combined with each other for maximum effect. Monodos ampoule for a safe quality. What remains? The dilemma of choice.