Body treatments with devices – Velvet

Body treatment
for weight loss

T-shape is a device with triple action thanks to the combination of 3 powerful technologies that operate simultaneously:

  • LLLT laser which fights adipose tissue
  • Multipolar radiofrequency which produces heat at the level of the dermis by improving skin elasticity and stimulating collagen production.
  • Endodermal vacuum massage which generates a deep lymphatic drainage. Improves the oxygen supply of the deep layers.

The combination of Multipolar Radio Frequency and LLLT laser creates an intense thermal heat in the connective tissues, which favors the production of collagen and the reduction of the volume of fat in certain areas.
Inhalation with Vacuum Technology brings an immediate increase in blood circulation and lymph drainage, essential for improving physical shape.
Treatment protocol: Two Sessions per week

InfraBaldan 3.0
Infrabaldan is a patented system for reactivating your aerobic metabolism and weakening.
The only patented system in Europe and the US as a therapeutic procedure. Its effects are also recognized by the International Journal of Obesity.
Infrabaldan makes it possible to combine physical activity, which should be moderate but constant, with infrared radiation in certain areas, where weight loss is required.
To maximize the effectiveness, the heart rate control is performed on the sensor located on the patient’s arm. Depending on the heart rate, the heat intensity of the infrared lamps also changes.

InfraBaldan 3.0 is a system that activates aerobic metabolism, which weakens the body as a whole or in certain areas. Moderate and continuous movement, accompanied by heating of adipose tissue thanks to infrared rays reactivates aerobic metabolism. For the best efficiency the harmonization of the action of infrared rays with the heartbeats should be achieved. This device enables progressive and natural weight loss through a pleasant and not at all tiring experience. The results are long-term and have no reversible effect. Once you have achieved the desired result, it will be enough to occasionally do some sessions to keep the result achieved.
Treatment protocol: 2-3 sessions per week

Cryo Shape
Cryoshape is a treatment that utilizes low temperatures to eliminate adoptive tissue
It is the integrated triple system in remodeling your body and weakening you. It works thanks to the union of three technologies

  • Cryogenetic which due to the decrease of temperature “attacks” the stored fat
  • Localized vibromassage that helps eliminate and drain
  • Photostimulation helps improve elasticity.

The steps taken in this treatment are: The area where the cellulite is located is played with a special gel. The skin of the area we are interested in is tightened inside a lever, which connects to the central Zeltic apparatus, bringing it to a temperature that can reach 0O. The freezing fat area undergoes crystallization and the fat cells go to a certain death. Unlike other anti-cellulite and slimming techniques, Cryoshape does not cause physical pain. No needle use is required, as is the case with Mesotherapy, and no pharmaceutical products are needed. The part of the skin to be treated is tightened inside the device, but the force exerted is low so no pain is caused. You may feel only a slight discomfort due to the cold, but it is a sensation that disappears quickly at the end of treatment
Treatment protocol: One session per month

Fiber Laser – Epilation
Fiber Laser – Epilation enables the final removal of hair. It is the only laser that does not cause pain and enables guaranteed results even in light colored hairs. It can also be done during the summer. Fiber Laser has programs tailored for each skin type and guarantees better results from the first sessions.